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Wallis Pattisonn loves the mantra coined by Iris Apfel “You have to be interested to be interesting”. Wallis has always found life interesting and especially people, she says it’s the Anthropologist in her that incites her curiousity about life and people. Wallis is a bold and dynamic personality who recently decided to re- invent herself by honouring her deeper authentic self. This authentic self loves, Textiles, Fashion, Style and Interior design, which as Wallis says is the shop front to what is inside. 

Getting to know Wallis is like peeling the layers from an onion, the juicy bits are below the surface. Wallis is passionate about creating a movement that acknowledges the need to re-create and re-invent how we perceive ageing. Attitude is everything, and Wallis loves the mantra “ Life would have given me more, had I only asked” Life is a celebration, full of mystery as well as the unexpected. 

To know with confidence that we can reinvent our lives and ourselves at any age keeps us happy and healthy. Peace of mind is following what floats your boat and taking risks, if you don’t like the life you have, create a new one. 

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My Story


Boldly Leading The Way

Some months ago I had some health issues that set me back a bit, not to mention off my feet as well. I knew this was a message so to speak or a calling to change. None of us like change too much as it requires us to step into the unknown, this certainly applied to me.

I had no idea what I was being called to do, but after several books and messages arrived, I slowly managed to uncover what it is I was being called to do. Out of the creative space, and synchronistic occurrences, Bold Not Old was born. The honing of the message and focus has taken several months, but here I am with a deep knowingness if you will, that my purpose or mission, is to drive with enthusiasm this idea of an Age-Positive  movement. My intention is to achieve this though Keynote talks , Media and Advertising. As in everything beginning is halfway there , and who knows what will unfold on this journey...I am open and allowing.


Celebrating Our Differences and Our Diversity

My love of writing is drawing me to encourage women from all over the world to share their stories, so we can see that ordinary women, mothers, daughters, women from all walks of life, culture and gender preference have the power to change how women are valued for their contribution in the workplace, in the home, and by society.

We can't do this alone, we need one another, we need to read one another's stories, so our children and their children have healthy role models, so they can be inspired to boldly lead the way into a healthy future free from prejudices and gender inequality.

We can do it, it just takes courage and commitment to being the change we want in the world. 


The Wisdom Keepers

I am stubborn and Bold enough to believe I personally can have an influence on how we are recognised and valued. My opinion is our younger women need the wisdom and understanding that we hold for them. Our experience and knowledge comes from the years we have walked through life, the benefit of this is immeasurable.  Ancient cultures understood the meaning of initiation, of elder wisdom, of transition from one phase of life to another. I am on a mission to raise the bar of consciousness, collect as many willing and committed ageless bold women as I can so we can inspire, uplift and hold the space for younger women to be whatever it is they dream they can be. We will Boldly lead the way. We are the new generation of Role Models.

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