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About Me Wallis


My Point of View

Wallis Pattisonn is the founder of the Bold Not Old Movement and an Influencer for a new generation of role models.

Wallis believes ageing is an opportunity to strut our stuff, to share the skills and knowledge accumulated over a lifetime.  The idea of being part of a new generation of role models is new and puts a different spin on who we see ourselves as. This new us, is a powerful presence in a world that needs to see getting older as a positive, as something to embrace. 

If you ask Wallis what she thinks of our general perception of ageing, she will tell you, we have got it all wrong, we need to stop telling one another the outmoded and ridiculous stories we share.

Having a passion for style and fashion has fired her creativity and new direction,one which can be summed up in the following. “ living a life of impact and meaning is paramount to us being seen and heard”. Living a life on purpose puts fire in our belly.

When we allow society to influence our lives and our thinking, we perpetuate, decline and bad news, the truth is ageing can be a new adventure into creativity, eldering and wisdom sharing.

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My Story


A New Generation of Role Models

Since beginning Bold Not Old about  a year ago now, it has certainly been quite a journey.

Like all new businesses it is difficult to find your feet in the first few months as just putting in place a website, social media and finding real direction has taken a lot of soul searching. My uncertainties and self questioning have been huge, not to mention, once I sorted through the jumble, how was this going to grow and in what way?

Well I am pleased to say that as of today September the 11th  2019 I think I have gotten most of what has been going on in my head pretty much sorted. There is on the one hand nothing glamorous about being in business for oneself, it is a lot of bloody hard work and mostly wondering What The !!

The other side though is spectacular, because doing what you love contributes to life in ways that are fun and adventuresome. There is a freedom in doing what you love that does not come from anything else, we are the driver of our own lives we get to choose what we want to do and when and how. 

I continue to learn each day more about me, more about who I am nd what floats my boat, being true to the real me, following my dreams...I hope in some way I inspire you to live your life on purpose, to be a new generation of Role Model.

Big Hugs Wallis


Celebrating Our Differences and Our Diversity

My love of writing is drawing me to encourage women from all over the world to share their stories, so we can see that ordinary women, mothers, daughters, women from all walks of life, culture and gender preference have the power to change how women are valued for their contribution in the workplace, in the home, and by society.

We can't do this alone, we need one another, we need to read one another's stories, so our children and their children have healthy role models, so they can be inspired to boldly lead the way into a healthy future free from prejudices and gender inequality.

We can do it, it just takes courage and commitment to being the change we want in the world. 


The Wisdom Keepers

I am stubborn and Bold enough to believe I personally can have an influence on how we are recognised and valued. My opinion is our younger women need the wisdom and understanding that we hold for them. Our experience and knowledge comes from the years we have walked through life, the benefit of this is immeasurable.  Ancient cultures understood the meaning of initiation, of elder wisdom, of transition from one phase of life to another. I am on a mission to raise the bar of consciousness, collect as many willing and committed ageless bold women as I can so we can inspire, uplift and hold the space for younger women to be whatever it is they dream they can be. We will Boldly lead the way. We are the new generation of Role Models.



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